Why You Should Switch Your Hair Parting

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Whether you have a preference for a middle, left or right parting; there will be no discrimination here, it could be time for a change. Because if you are anything like me then you would possibly have had the same parting year in year out. If this is the case then you’ll probably have noticed signs of wear and tear, by that I mean little broken hairs or even a widened parting.

Think about it, the hair part top layer is on the front line. This hair receives the worst of the sun, wind and rain. These strands gets more attention from your comb, brush,  heat from styling tools and any hair elastics. It also get a more generous helping of your hair products and chemicals. With all of this in mind it’s no wonder that the hair that lines your parting is likely to be more worn then the rest of the hairs on your head.

My own hair has shown me that its time to switch so I’m leading by example Lol!:


 No truer has the saying been: A change is as good as a rest!

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