“What do we have hair?”

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Is this protective styling or what?  Well that’s what I though…
What do you think? 

I saw this picture in a Sunday supplement magazine.  And spent the first few seconds looking at the hair.  I thought to myself, now this is a style that will protect then ends of ones natural, afro, curly or relaxed hair from drying and flaking off.

The end of hair are well tucked away.  This is a good way to prevent split ends, and hair breakage, and the longer you could keep it in the better, although sleeping on that would be a big of a challenge.

The hair is so well protected that I would give this a 9 of out 10 for protective styling.  I’ve taken away a point because it’s probably not the most practical of hairstyles.

And then I look down at the rest of the picture…

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