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The 4 best ways to create knots in your Natural hair.

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Combine at least two of the points below and knots are almost guaranteed.

If you are fairly new to natural hair one of the major irritations you may have noticed is knots in your hair. They may range from big groups of hair knotted  together to single strand knots also known as fairy knots. The problem is if you can’t unknot them you have to break your hair to release them, which over a period of time can add up to a lot of length loss.

So here are 4 ways of creating more knots in your hair:
  1. Wearing your hair out on a regular basis. The more your hair is out the more potential there is for knotting. Hair that is in a bun, plait, twisted or tucked into some kind of style, is teased into a position which makes it harder to become tangled.
  2. Water based products encourage your hair to curl and interlock with each other.
  3. Failing to detangle your hair at least once an hour. Yes I know it’s not practical, but the longer your hair becomes the more it is likely to knot up. And the longer you leave it without detangling the more likely it is to become tangled.
  4. Finger combing is great on one hand for gentle styling and to avoid hair breakage etc. but on the other hand it is not as effective as a comb is when it comes to raking through and dividing and straightening out our frizzy curls and coils and kinks, therefore lessening the likelihood of knots.

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  1. Hi Valley I have had my hair natural for the last ten years or so and have noticed that the I have recently been getting knots. Mainly knots on single strands of hair. Having said that I have recently started using gel in my hair, so I believe you may have a valid point about water based products. Thanks for sharing

  2. I totally agree with thoroughly detangling…I noticed when I use a good comb to detangle my hair I have far less knots. Finger detangling did not work for me.

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