Safe Hair Styling not Protective Styling

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Part 5 –  Get to Know Your  African Caribbean Type Hair (Listen to Podcast below)

Whether you’re natural, permed or you wear a wig or weave,  you  really should become familiar with your natural or relaxed hair.

Why? Because no matter what your hair choice there are endless pitfalls which could leave you with thinning and bald patches.

For the last few years I have been studying and investigating the world of hair and the many fantasies, myths and false claims that surround it.

I find myself wanting to pull my hair out when I hear some of the advice and opinions about African/Caribbean type hair published online.


I have compiled a five part Podcast of interviews with Richard Spencer from the Richard Spencer Trichcology Centre – a qualified member of the Institute of Trichology, based in Central London. I asked him some of the most common questions, and about some of the various claims. Agree or disagree, listen here to what he had to say.

Click below to listen to Part 5 of  Get to know your hair:
Part 5 – Safe Hair Styling not Protective Styling

The online hair industry is on the rise, so you had better get to know your hair before someone leads you unintentionally up a garden path to disaster.

Be warned

Unfortunately anyone can set up a business or a ‘clinic’ and call themself a hair expert or even a trichologist, with no training, no qualification, no experience, and no aptitude whatever, so caution is advised.

Here in the UK The Institute of Trichology was founded, in part, to address this problem.

That was over 100 years ago and still the problem persists except nowadays the marketing can be even more persausive.

The good thing is all registered members of the Institute of Trichology are they say bound by a strict Code of Professional Practice and Ethics.

So although Triccologist are not medically qualified, they are the best we have got.

How to Grow Longer Healthier African Caribbean Hair

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Part 3 – Why Tricologist Richard Spencer believes Relaxers and Perms are better than many Natural Hair Styles.

Part 4 – How to Treat Hair Loss and Alopecia

So what do you think about Trichologist Richard Spencer’s comments? 

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  1. A lot of what Richard said made good sense and any decent hairdresser worth their salt, would tell you. Many years ago i worked in a very famous black salon in the west end and one of the main issues was dryness of the scalp and hair. I found steaming every 2 weeks with processed hair with natural oils which worked well. There are alot of products on the market loaded with oil which sit on the hair and clog the pores and were not fit for purpose. regularly trim every few weeks and a good conditioner kept the hair in good condition.

  2. Author

    Thanks for your comment Paulette, many interesting points. I speak to many people who are finding it hard to get good unbiased advice. Dryness appears to be a a big issue for many naturals too.

  3. valley the problems its with both natural and processed hair. A lot of the products make your hair appear silky all these conditioners, serums, tints, dyes henna , and its coating the hair drying it out and leaving a buildup of the product in your hair. . A lot of the products have various agents in them e.g. people wants soap suds and bubbles in shampoos etc so they feel their hair is clean this is all comes at a cost.

  4. Author

    So true Paulette. The problem is the advertising is so convincing, but I think the message is getting across, but it’s an ongoing process.

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