Natural Hair Shrinkage is Here to Stay

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D on’t believe the hype, natural hair shrinkage cannot be beat. Our kinky, curly, coily hair is attracted to the moisture in the air and actively seeks it.  Even if you are not aware that it’s there in the air, your hair strands are one step ahead.  Like antennas, they are attracted to it, and when the two meet our hair contacts; our kinks, coils and curls tighten and shrink.

So no matter what anyone says you can’t beat it. However you can attempt to stretch your hair in very simple ways. Here is what I do on a daily basis:

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Ebook cover

Ebook Cover

Buy anti shrinkage creams and moisturisers if you like, but if your hair comes into contact with moisture, heat or water, your beautifully unique head of natural hair strands will respond by shrinking, it’s as inevitable as that.

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