Michelle Obama: Black Like Me

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Today of all days let’s help end #Colorism #Shadism 

It has been a busy year not only has my book How to Grow Longer Hair whilst Wearing Weaves, Wigs & Braids, Like I did, been launched but also and more importantly I have been working my socks off with BBC Washington Producer Lynsea Garrison to make our BBC World Service Documentary: Michelle Obama: Black Like Me, which explores Colorism/Shadeism today and yesterday. The stories are jaw dropping.

The feedback has been amazing.  If you haven’t heard it yet, all I can say is take a listen:

Click here, to listen to: BBC World Service, The Documentary – MICHELLE OBAMA:Black Like Me, you will be glad you did! 

If  you thought it was informative, please share with others.

Below is a video I made during my time working on the documentary.  From London to Washington, watch me take the Brown Paper Bag Test

 Now that this important work is underway, I can get on with my book tour. Hope to see you on route soon.

Happy International Women’s Day!




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