How to Stop Your Natural Hair Breaking when Transitioning

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If you are in the process of going Natural or are in-between relaxers, the period coined by our American sisters as TRANSITIONING, you will be in possession of two difference textures of hair.  At the point where the  chemically processed hair meets your natural hair is the weakest point, the breaking point.

If you want to try to keep as much of your length as you possibly can whilst transitioning, then you should keep the combing of your hair to a minimum. If you want to avoid breakage, no lotion or potions on the shelves of your beauty supply store will be as effective, no matter what they say! 

The answer is in your hands…

But I hear you say “my hair will become even more tangled!”, yes that’s true, it may seem like a catch 22.  But I’m not saying don’t detangle, I’m saying don’t comb with a brush afro comb or comb on a daily basis, gently us you fingers instead.

To avoid snapping your hair, expecially when you have two textures of hair, (and you know your natural hair just loves locking into each other), do it by hand!

Big Chop

I am living proof that it works. I did not ever big chop, and I not only maintained my length but my hair is longer now that I’m fully natural then ever before.

Back in 2012

Below is a video I made back in 2012 when I had just over 2 years and 10 inches of natural hair growth with about 7 inches of permed hair on my ends.

Click below to watch my method of HOW TO COMB your hair, the most BREAKAGE FREE WAY:

This method has worked for me.  If I were to perm or flat iron my hair today, my hair would be longer than ever before.  So although my aim was to maintain my length by trimming slowly, I actually surpassed this.

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