How and Why I detangle my natural hair (my way), from Root to Tip

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Most people go from Tip to Root, but not me.  If you’ve a regular visitor to this hair blog you will know that I prefer to finger comb and detangle.  I very very rarely use a comb, but when I do I prefer to work from the roots of my hair to the tips.  This is the opposite of what most people do.

In the video I show how I do it and explain why it’s my method of choice.

So how do you detangle your hair and why?

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  1. Interesting…I can fully understand bottomline in principle its about being consistent while using the right technique.
    Also it will need to be in accordance to the varying hair textures and lengths as i am sure you are aware… trimming the hair will assist in minimising tangling and knotting ends.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Author

    You are right we all have different hair, so ultimately we all do what works for us, but certainly the ends of our hair are the oldest therefore weakest and thus, I keep combining them to a minimum/I use my technique. Our hair tangles for a variety of reasons. Yes I can see that uneven hair will cause tangles, but our hair also tangles because of it’s nature; kinky, curly and coils and cutting it won’t prevent that. I appreciate your contribution to the conversation. Thanks.

  3. Great tips Valley. I think I have a similar routine although have never braved going in a pool without a cap. I can’t imagine the state my hair would get in. I use those wet & dry detangle brushes which are excellent and really gentle on tangled hair. I used to have to order them online but you can now get them in Boots. I have different texture hair which means the 2 types of hair get really knotted where they meet and this brush has transformed the nightmare I used to have detangling my hair. I am also a big fan of co-washes.

  4. Author

    Thanks for sharing that with us Eva. It sounds like you are talking about the Tangle Teaser. Two types of hair along one strand, that sounds like a challenge. No I would not swim with my hair out again, I just wanted to experience it. On wash days I split my hair in 4 and tackle one quarter at a time and do the detangling before washing the hair with lashings of conditioner for slip.

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