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Why Buy My Weave, Wig, Braid & Natural Hair Book?

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A BBC Journalist digs deep into book content…

Tthe interview conducted by BBC Africa’s Victoria Uwonkunda about my book: How to Grow Longer Healthier Natural Hair whilst wearing Weaves, Wigs and Braids, Like I did, was in depth and fun, so much so that it lasted just under one hour, has been widely viewed and created much feedback on Facebook .

Victoria has such a friendly inquisitive manner that she managed to get me to divulge much of the information that is in my book, information that I believe is so important, I decide to put in my book.

So if you are not buying the book have a listen for some great free advice, even if I say so myself.

Here is the video judge for yourself:

My book is available in Paperback and E-Book. Click the book sleeve below for more information:
Book sleeve

Book sleeve

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  1. There is a plethora of invaluable information in this book. Valley Fontaine, does a great job covering many topics of concern for afro type hair. Some of the books on this subject are written from a detached, uninvolved place, but this book seems to be different because the author writes not only from a professional position, but also from her own personal experiences, as she journeyed through the various ways in which hair can be protected and grows, while transitioning from permed to natural hair. I can relate personally to most of the content because of my afro hair type. Especially, the information about dry, damaged hair, and the suggestions given about moisturizers, shampoos, and conditioners. As I transitioned from permed to natural hair in 2014, I experienced a lot of breakage. I thought if I visited enough YouTube videos on the subject, I would be fine. Not so! This book, I have in hand and can use it as a reference tool in a sense. I’ve been waiting for a while now to have the chance to read this book and It was worth the wait. This read has met my expectations and more! I’m glad I purchased this book and will continue to support the author’s efforts to inform women with afro type hair, on how to care for their natural hair. This is vital information that even young girls need, as Valley alluded to, so as to teach them while they are young how not to damage their hair with improper hair practices. I would recommend this book to family and friends alike! Thanks Valley! You did it!

  2. Author

    Thanks Brenda. So happy you think so.

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