Hello my name is Valley Fontaine and I’m the founder and editor of Hair Valley.  I’m a British born Londoner of Caribbean parents. My name may give you a clue as to which island.  Yes, Dominica, no not the Dominican Republic, but the former French then British Colony now called The Commonwealth of Dominica.

Back to Business

I started writing this blog because I wanted to:

A. Stick up for women who like to wear Weaves, Wigs and Braids (WWB), because I know certain sectors of the natural hair world and population at large like to be highly critical of woman like us.

B. Share my tried and tested cost free method of how you can wear WWB without doing damage to your hair.

C. Prove to you that Natural hair does not have to be hard work.

D. Demonstrate to you that you can have the best of both worlds great natural hair and great looking WWB.

E. Steer you away from receding hairlines, hair breakage and traction alopecia.

F.  Share with you how I went from permed to natural with the help of my WWB, in a healthly holistic way.

G. I have been referred to as the bulls s#!% buster of the hair industry, because I don’t fall for most of the advertised claims about hair health and growth.

Who am I? What are my Credentials?

Now that’s a question you should always ask. It’s important that you know who you are taking tips from, as much as possible. So here we go:

1.       Most importantly, I have walked the talk. Dare I brag and say I have a good head of healthy, happy hair. The last time I applied relaxer/perm to my hair was December 2009. I went natural without doing the big chop (cutting all the perm off). Instead after much research I enlisted the help of my own home made half and full wigs. Why the research you may ask, well I looked all around me and all I could see were women who due to their usage of WWB were either suffering from breakage, receding hairline, traction alopecia or all three. Dr Friedman from DrShellyfriedman.com says tight cornrows, hair braid, harsh chemical and even thermal styling tools can cause hair loss.

2.       I have been the editor of this haircare blog, (formerly www.valleyfontaine.com ) since 2011. And I regularly serve 29,000+ with my tips and hair info.

3.       I have presented a number of live audience based hair talks at a range of industry events here in London including Natural November, Woman in the Jungle and hosted Natural Hair Week. I also recently produced and hosted a live event called What Does Your Hair Say About You, for the BBC’s (British Broadcasting Corporations) Black and Asian Forum. My interest and knowledge about black hair has also led to me being invited to take part in a range of radio and tv broadcasts.

4.       Company Magazine picked me as one of five black bloggers they love in 2014. And I received a gong after being voted for Best Presenter Hair, by viewers of Frazzle TV Hair Awards 2015.

5.       I have also written about hair for various publications and I’m the author of the soon to be published, How to Grow Longer Healthier Natural Hair whilst wearing Weaves, Wigs and Braids, like I did. Publication date: April 2016.

So that’s by night. By day…

6.       I am a broadcast journalist/producer for the BBC (the worlds largest media organisation) where I have worked for more than 15 years.

But it’s not all work…. I like to have fun too!

10. Useless facts.

1. I love raw onion and I sprinkle garlic powder on everything even chips/fries.
2. I don’t particularly like exercising but I force myself  to run for 30 minutes 3 x a week.
3. At least once every 2 weeks I wish my hair was still permed.
4. I did my BA Degree in Communications and Masters in Journalism at the same top UK university (Goldsmiths, University of London).
5. I can no longer be bothered to paint my finger nails on a regular basis.
6. I still get nervous speaking in public.
7. I now think my parents were right, about most things.
8. Green and Orange are my favourite colours.
9. A combination of conversation, a glass of wine and a packet crisps/potato chips, and I’m in heaven.
10. I did not perm/relax my hair for the 1st time until I was 20.

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Have a lovely day.