7 Reasons why it’s best to cover your hair whilst sleeping

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Wearing ANYTHING over your hair in bed is better than nothing.

If you are anything like me, you can never find your scarf or bonnet at night time.  I usually have at least 3 different head coverings on the go at the same time.  Out of desperation I’ve even covered my hair with a pair of knickers (panties), clean ones! In the past I have also tied a long sleeved T shirt, a vest top, a pair of leggings and even a towel to my head, Lol.

I know it’s much more romantic to lay in bed, if you have company,  with you hair tousled across the pillow, but don’t expect your hair to be at its best in the morning if you do.

Here are my top 7 reasons why I always keep mine covered:
My first night in this hotel room, too tired to unpack, so out of desperation, the shawl around my neck ended up on my head for the night.

My first night in this hotel room, I was too tired to unpack, so out of desperation, the shawl around my neck ended up on my head for the night.

  1. Afro hair is a drier type of hair therefore it requires a lot of product to manipulate it into many styles. What you will lose on you bed clothes during the night will not be easily replaced in the morning as our hair is so reluctant to drink,  it takes time for our hair to absorb products. You might be thinking many of these fabrics will absorb moisture.  But you will find whatever the fabric, covered hair will become less dry and easier to manipulate then hair that was  slept on uncovered.
  2. It will be that much harder to style your hair in the morning, because of the friction it would have experienced whilst you were tossing and turning in your sleep. That’s the case even if you have a satin pillow case.
  3. Knots love to meet and entwine with each other.  8 hours of meet and greet without you detangling on the go, will give your hair enough time to create some great tangles.
  4. Your hair might like your hair products, but you skin especially your face will not appreciate it.
  5. Replacing your scarf or bonnet with pins, clips or bands in your hair, to keep it in position whilst you sleep,  will lead to hair breakage and at worse could scar you scalp which could cause permanent hair loss.
  6. Your hair products will last longer if you cover your hair as it won’t dry out as quickly.
  7. Nothing worse than seeing someone with bed fluff  attached like velcro to the back of their head. You might be looking great from the front view, but everyone else knows it’s there accept you, dang!

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  1. I definetly agree with you. Hair must be covered. Thanks for added me on twitter @flawless Meli , can you please also Check my blog its speaak2educate.com i also talk about natural hair . It is in french and english . Keep doing the good job

  2. Just going through your posts one by one and taking so much from them. Love it! Agree with all the points especially number 4(trust me my face has been there) and now I ALWAYS cover my hair to sleep. Thanks for sharing Valley.

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