4yrs of Natural Hair Growth; w/out the Big Chop or expensive hair moisturisers!

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Going from a Perm or Relaxer to Natural Hair need not be a major task. I did it the simple way. 

Better late then never here is my 4 years natural video. Filmed in February 2014, although my 4th year Natural Hair Anniversary was in December 2013.

Going Natural made Simple
  1. Going natural for me was inexpensive.  I only used two products on a daily basis and styling gel at times.  Here is my product video.
  2. I did not do the Big Chop because I wanted to maintain my hair length, which I managed to surpass. If I stretch my hair now, it meets my hips.
  3. When my two textures of hair became a challenge to wear out, See this video,  I enlisted the help of my home made full and half wigs. This is my full length wig.

In 2016, my book about how to go natural whilst wearing  weaves, wigs and extensions ; without suffering dryness or hair breakage (easier said than done) will be out.

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  1. Your hair looks healthy and frizz-free. I’ve been transitioning from relaxed to natural hair since March 2014. I don’t think I’ll do the big chop anytime soon because I wouldn’t know what to do with short hair. Some women rock it really well but I don’t. Luckily my hair is growing out fast and thanks to Blogs like yours, I have been able to take care of both textures. My hair regimen is simple:

    1)Pre-Poo with a olive oil

    2)Sulfate/Parabens and Silicone free Shampoo in four plaits to avoid tangling and rinse everything out with lukewarm or cold water depending on the season of the year.

    3) Deep conditioning with a mix of honey, Egg, Mayonaise and coconut oil that I usually leave to rest under a plastic bag for 2 hours before rinsing my hair with lukewarm or cold water.

    4) Apple Cider Vinegar rinse.

    5) Some plain water, coconut oil to seal moisture in and style the hair. A tad bit of organic shea butter to seal the ends and I’m ready to roll.

    This whole procedure takes about four hours of my time on weekends as I am beginning to find out what my hair likes and what it doesn’t. I hope I am doing something right, because not only do I thrive for healthier hair but I also want it to hit the waist lenght mark.

    I style my hair into a high bun for work everyday and keep it moist by lightly spritzing plain water on it every three hours or so. I recently bought the African Pride Shea Butter Miracle Leave-In conditioner , fell in love with the fruity scent and light texture and was going to add it to my regimen but it leaves buildup so any suggestion for a heavenly scented water based Leave-In conditioner is welcome.

  2. Author

    Wow Elizabeth that’s some routine. Sounds like you will find what works for you soon at that rate. I would always say what goes inside your body eg. water and a good diet is more important than anything else. Please stay in touch and let me know how you get on. Thanks Valley

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